Lessons in Surrender

This has been a challenging month for me!  A woman who is a friend, Reiki colleague & Karuna student of mine died suddenly. Two of the Licensed Reiki Master Teacher group have been in the hospital. My Mom had more dental work done for what has been almost a year long mouth infection. Another Reiki friend is still struggling with chronic Lyme’s disease. And I am recovering from an “energetic accident.” Wow!

“Energetic Accident” – It felt like my energetic system was hit by lightening!
And it took me a little time to figure out what happened.  In retrospect, I asked all the right questions of the new energy that came into a session – except ONE – how do you work? The energy of the 3 sacred beings of the highest light was very beneficial to my client, and “fried my circuits” with its lightning bolt method of healing. The last several months have been a time of resting, detoxifying and re-establishing meridians, chakras, nadis, grids… generally getting rewired by my guides, with the help of several supportive healers.

The toughest thing about this time is I experienced what it is like without Reiki in my life. I could not tolerate any sort of energy work without over heating, inflaming my body and feeling miserable – no giving or receiving! It felt like I had been abandoned by this universal, God-consciousness energy we call Reiki that has been my daily companion for over 15 years.  I had to surrender, trust and receive – tough lessons with my left brain control issues!  Lesson for me – limit who you allow to work through you to well known, trusted guides or sacred beings of the highest light. Other energies of the highest light can work along side of me only. It also re-enforced my always asking that healing sessions be powerful AND gently integrated for the highest good of the person I am working with!

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