My Philosophy

Reiki promotes the health of the whole person.Life is an incredible journey in which we are continually challenged to learn and grow through the many experiences we have, helping those around us do the same. Through this process we change, hopefully in the direction of becoming more loving, compassionate, kind, and understanding, so we can be a healing presence in this world.

The joy of working with energy is it is something anyone can experience and learn, no matter what their age or educational backround. The Eastern focus on the energy system of the body makes sense to me understanding the physiology or science of the body, in addition to experiencing and learning how to work with “energy.” Energy work can also be used with traditional or allopathic medicine as well as other alternative techniques, such as massage, to enhance their effect.

When I was first exploring complimentary medicine and spirituality, I initially experienced Reiki energy, Labyrinth energy, psychic energy, and prayer energy separately. Now I firmly believe, ALL IS ONE, so that they are all “water” from the same “great underground river that no one can dam up and no one can stop” (Meister Eckhart, 13th century mystic). Matthew Fox expands on this theme in his book, “One River, Many Wells,” where he uses the metaphor of God or Spirit as the “river” and the “many wells” as the various ways different cultures and religions around the world tape into this sacred wisdom or energy for living.

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