A labyrinth is a spiritual tool for meditation or prayer with a single path winding into the center and out again. There is no “religious dogma” associated with the labyrinth. The circle the labyrinth forms symbolizes wholeness and unity, inviting playful interaction and soulful reflection. Whether used for meditation, prayer or quiet moments, the circular nature of the labyrinth reminds us that life is a constant journey, rather than a destination. Come walk and find “health and peace within…”

7-circuit Community Labyrinth Complete at First Presbyterian Church

The dedication for the outdoor labyrinth at FPC was held Sunday, July 2015.  All are welcome to walk this outdoor labyrinth as your schedule permits!  To find the labyrinth, just park at the far end of the main parking lot and you will see a labyrinth sign.  There is a path that goes down to the labyrinth that is located behind the church.  The labyrinth is also accessible from the walking path that runs behind the church.

Open Labyrinth Walks

Meet others at the labyrinth for a meditative walk. Each gathering will invite you to reflect on a theme as First Presbyterian Labyrinth, Bend, ORyou walk the labyrinth with others. These walks are open to everyone and are free! The schedule of moonrise and moonset walks:
– July 2, 9:00pm,
– July 31, 9:00pm,
– August 29, 6:15am,
– September 2, 8:00pm,
– October 27, 8:00pm.
– November 22nd, 8am-1230pm, indoors in Heritage Hall.

Find more at bendfp.org.

Labyrinth Workshops

I am planning an October 10, 2015 morning retreat (from 9:00am – noon) around the labyrinth at First Presbyterian Church. Reserve space on your calendar for a chance to learn more about labyrinths and meditation/prayer.  Please register by calling the church office at 541-382-4401, Monday-Thurs, 9am-4pm.  The fee for the workshop is $20.

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