The Reiki Energetic Edge

The Reiki Energetic Edge (TM), or TREE, are one to three month programs designed to assist athletes, small business ownersAfter Reiki people experience a profound relaxation, people with recent surgery or chronic illnesses, and high performers of all types and levels of skill in achieving their goals. Reiki is an energy medicine technique that helps relax and balance your body, mind, spirit and energy field to support optimal performance.

A Reiki session usually takes place on a massage table while you are fully clothed. During a Reiki session the trained practitioner facilitates the flow of Universal energy into the client’s body to restore and balance their energy and support the body’s innate healing abilities.

Reiki offers high achievers enhanced performance through:

  • decreasing stress and creating a calm, secure, focused outlook,
  • developing a winning mindset and empowering goals,
  • more rapid muscle healing after intense workouts and competition,
  • helping increase your strength and resistance to injury, and
  • reducing pain intensity and shortening time to healing should an injury occur.

High Achievers

As a high achiever you are under a number of different types of stress. There is the constant mental and emotional pressure to perform at your highest level. Demanding training or work schedules add physical stress. Even traveling to compete or build your business can lead to dehydration, fatigue, emotional stress, and lack of sleep which can conspire to make you more vulnerable to poor performance or injury.

Additional concerns and questions come up if you are injured or become sick. How much damage has been done? How long do I have to stop training or working? Will I need surgery? Can I return to competing? These different stressors cause an energetic imbalance in your body which gradually can weaken and wear you down over time and in turn can increase your chance of injury. When training intensely, energy is expended that needs to be replaced. Adding TREE to your training schedule gently restores your energetic balance, enhances your sense of well being, and can be used to support and empower your goals.

Professional Athletes Benefit
Reiki has been used by professional athletes in the NFL and NBA, as well as in NY tennis clubs. In an article in the Reiki News Magazine (Fall 2010), the story of how Reiki impacted Charles Way is shared. At the time, he was 26 years old, and the Director of Player Development for the New York Giants because of a career ending knee injury.

Charles underwent several surgeries and still had a swollen, painful knee. Two Reiki Masters went to talk to him about the use of Reiki and how it might benefit football players. They gave him a series of five Reiki sessions. The first session resulted in a healing adjustment, where Charles knee hurt worse than ever. This pain subsided quickly with a second session the next week. By the third session, Charles was so relaxed he fell asleep on the table. During this session a loud “crack” came out of his knee.

After that, the swelling went down in his knee and the pain disappeared. He started to participate in football drills again, plus he was working out in the gym more strenuously than he had been able to since before his surgeries. Session four, a week later found him more muscular and stronger than in years. During session five, Charles shared he was going to see a sports orthopedic surgeon to see if he could get approval to play again – which he received!


Reiki has been talked about on the Dr Oz show and is offered in over 800 hospitals across the United States. Dr. Oz has even had Reiki practitioners in surgery with him and seen a decrease in post operative depression and a shortening of healing time in his open heart surgical patients.

Here in Bend, Reiki practitioners offer cancer patients free Reiki sessions through the St Charles Cancer Clinic. Rose Johnson RN Reiki energy focuses on relaxing and restoring flow & balance.and I looked at the before and after Reiki session scores of 79 patients on 10 point pain, anxiety and wellbeing scales. After 45 minutes of Reiki scores improved by 20 – 30% on all 3 scales! (Reiki News, Spring 2011, pg 36-40)

Reiki has been shown elsewhere to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation, restore energy, and through relaxation and balance to assist the body in healing itself naturally.

Electro-chemical energy exists in every cell in our bodies and also is how cells communicate with each other. In Eastern cultures, this energy is referred to as ki, chi or prana. Depletion or disruption of this energy flow happens with stress and can progress to injury or disease if energy stagnation or blockage persists. Once the body’s “ki” is replenished and flowing smoothly, it supports the immune system and all organs and tissues in a balanced fashion. This balance optimizes performance, motivation and clarity.

After a Reiki session most people experience a profound relaxation and at the same time an alert and clear mind. Reiki is able to promote healing and rejuvenation in all areas of our lives. Some people get immediate results in specific areas of concern while others experience more subtle shifts that build with repeated sessions. This may be influenced by how long the body has been stressed and out of balance, as well as mental or emotional attitude about the situation.

The good feeling that comes with a session can last for several days to a week or more. Reiki works well with your medical plan of action and can be blended into your training schedule. Reiki is not a substitute for good medical assessment and care.

Learning Reiki

A motivated high achiever may also learn Reiki for himself or herself. This allows you to use Reiki to keep your energy “tuned up” between Reiki sessions, as well as for use during training and competition. Reiki energy can help an athlete enter and Shift your energy in a positive healing way with Reikiistay in the zone. My first introduction to “The Zone” came through Shinzen Young and his “Meditation in the Zone” in the mid-1990’s. He defines the “zone” is an altered state of consciousness – a state of perfect focus, relaxation, and peak performance that top athletes enter in their finest moments. I find “running” the Reiki energy while exercising can facilitate finding and staying in the zone. It also aids in recovery.

Reiki Received during Ironman Competition

For example, one of my Reiki I & II students enjoyed participating in Ironman competitions and came to class recovering from a severe biking accident that the medical community originally insisted would end her career. The energy of the class helped her in recovering and restarting her training. She also works with the energy while training. I offered to send distance Reiki energy to her during the actual competition (at the beginning and during each transition phase).

She sent me a picture taken at the midpoint of the marathon – and she was still smiling and appeared quite energetic! She said if she had known how good she would feel during the marathon at the start of the Ironman, she could have set a personal best, even after being out of competition for several years due to a serious biking injury.

1 to 3-month performance or health optimization packages coming soonBend, ORThis program includes an initial consultation, health/injury history and goal setting, a energetic self-care piece, weekly meetings, and a distance Reiki session during a competition of your choice

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