Find out more about Dr Robin, Healing Journey Options
and Reiki in these videos!

Hi, my name is Dr. Robin and I offer many pathways to those seeking health, peace and healing in their lives. This can blossom into focus, strength, clarity, and a new passion for your journey as a spiritual being in this physical body. I will stand by your side during this journey of exploration. You need only bring your willingness to begin, and continue, your healing journey.

I also presented “Reiki Techniques for Decreasing Stress”
at the 2015 ICRT Labor Day Retreat!

Here is a link to my slides from the Sept 2015 Annual Labor Day Reiki Retreat in Sedona, AZ on Reiki Techniques for Decreasing Stress: Sept 2015 Reiki Stress Talk  Please be patient as the slide from the presentation downloads.

I also  presented this talk to the Reiki volunteers at St Charles in Bend at their October 9, 2015 meeting.

 Testimonial Videos from Reiki Practitioners
from First Presbyterian Church…

These Reiki practitioners and others at FPC offer free Reiki to community and church members most Mondays. Donations are appreciated and not required. The money is used to expand the Reiki program at First Presbyterian Church in Bend, OR. Enjoy these videos on their experiences with Reiki…

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