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About Dr. Robin

For me, Reiki is a super power – liquid love, light and healing you can receive from a practitioner or learn to do on yourself and others!

I am Dr Robin Fuerst, a heart centered healing Reiki practitioner and teacher. I am here to joyfully help others shift their energy in positive supportive ways. I bring unique diversity as a healer and teacher. I have over 30 years experience as a traditional health professional (clinical pharmacist) in the hospital setting and 20 years exploring the complementary healing arts. I bring a gracious and compassionate sense of humor into this journey. Click Here for more information on my skills.

I also am a Senior Licensed Reiki Master Teacher with the International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT) – one of 30 world-wide with over 1000 hours of training beyond becoming a Reiki Master. I have been passionate about teaching and practicing Reiki since 2001. I “speak” the language of traditional medicine and religion, as well as energy medicine and spirituality. This allows me bridge any gap that may exist between them and integrate their valuable perspectives.

I live in Sequim, Washington, a beautiful setting to learn Reiki and enjoy the gifts of nature!

You too can experience or learn this “super power” of Reiki by signing up for a Reiki session or class!

Reiki is the Core

An accident in 1991 and 8 years of chronic pain started me on this complementary medicine, spiritual and healing journey. Reiki relieved 8 years of chronic back & pelvic pain in 3 sessions, 3 days in a row. I was amazed that this energy was healing on all levels, mind, body and spirit.

When I found out I could learn Reiki to continue this relief, I signed up immediately to take back control of my health. I reclaimed my energy drained away by pain and was able to be the active person I was before the accident. By 2001 I was an Usui, Karuna® and Sekhem/Seichim Reiki Master and started teaching. Holy Fire energy was an empowering addition to the mix in 2014!

“ I wonder, how do people make it through major life events without Reiki? ”

For me Reiki (intention/prayer) is the gift of directly connecting into the love, light, grace and compassion of Spirit or Source. This mystical, direct connection is central to Healing Journey Options and is empowered by Holy Fire Reiki. This connection starts you on your deep and heart centered path.

Reiki is the base for a joyful, energetic, holistic journey of release, forgiveness, healing, empowerment, transformation and more. Connections with Self, the Divine, and others in our lives are healed and strengthened. The key in this process is frequently getting out of our own way.

ICRT Senior Licensed Reiki Master Teacher

I have completed over a 1000 hours of Reiki training to be one of the 30 teachers licensed world-wide with the ICRT. As a Senior teacher, I also mentor other Reiki Masters training to be licensed teachers with the ICRT. Why take Reiki from an ICRT LRMT? Click here to find out!


I enjoy hiking, biking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, singing, drumming, reading, gardening and spending time with friends & family.


Paper reviewer for the Center for Reiki Research (ICRT)

Mentor for the Reiki Prayer team at First Presbyterian Church

3 Sisters Equine Rescue – Reiki & groom horses

Substitute Reiki volunteer at the Oncology Clinic at St Charles Healthcare System and First Presbyterian Church

My Other Healing Journeys

Certified Labyrinth Facilitator

Completed through Lauren Artress and Grace Cathedral – The labyrinth is a form of walking meditation that also helped transformed my life. Once again, the labyrinth provides an opportunity for a direct, mystical connection with Spirit or Source. Click here for more information.

Professional Clairvoyant Consultant and Ministry

With my shift in focus to practicing and teaching Reiki, I started a year long professional clairvoyant consultant and ministry program to enhance my skills. This was a time of intense personal and spiritual growth for me and expanded my complementary healing skills and cross cultural spirituality experiences. I became a minister in the Temple of Light in June 2002.

Additional Workshops

I also completed a Medicine for the Earth workshop; Introduction to Health Intuition Intensive; Tapping (EFT) training and Matrix Energetics Level 1 & 2 certification.

Yoga Teacher Training

Completed a 200 hour Yoga teacher training in July 2012 – Yin is my favorite!

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