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Reiki optimizes healing, performance and clarity.


reiki in Sequim, WAReiki is a powerful yet gentle healing energy that is wonderful for self-care as well as to share with friends, family, animals and others. It flows from Source (God, the universe, or whatever name you use for the power greater than yourself) through the practitioner, to the receiver. It heals naturally by re-establishing energetic balance to your mind, body and spirit.

The word Reiki is made up of two kanji characters in Japanese. “Rei” (pronounced ray) means universal, higher knowledge, or spiritual or God consciousness.  Life force energy is the most common meaning of “ki” (pronounced key). Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation which promotes healing by working with your life force energy to help restore balance and flow to your energy system.

Since this technique is spiritually guided life force energy, it is always working for your best interest as you receive it, similar to prayer. This energy works well to complement and enhance the affects of other traditional and complementary healing methods. Use of this energy does not require any specific religious beliefs. For scientists, this electro-chemical energy exists in every cell in our bodies and also is how cells communicate with each other.

In Eastern cultures, life force energy is referred to as ki, chi or prana. Depletion or disruption of this energy flow happens with stress and can progress to injury or disease if energy stagnation or blockage persists. Once your body’s “ki” is replenished and flowing smoothly, it supports your body – the immune system, all organs and tissues in a balanced fashion. This balanced flow helps optimize healing, performance, motivation and clarity.

I have experienced the incredible energetic edge Reiki gives me in my life and so I want to share this with you! This energy has empowered me in many challenging life situations and helped me respond with resilience. These challenges have included injuries, chronic pain, accidents, surgery, divorce, moving, changing careers and more. For me resilience means growing through all the experiences I have in my life.

You have empowering options – including healing Reiki sessions and classes.

Reiki Sessions

A Holy Fire® III Reiki session takes place on a massage table while you are fully clothed. Mini-sessions can be done anywhere. During a session this Universal, Source or God-consciousness energy flows through me into you to restore and balance your energy. The flow of Reiki energy jump starts and supports your body’s own ability to heal. The empowered Holy Fire III Reiki energy allows many shifts to happen during a session with grace and ease.

After a Reiki session most people experience peaceful relaxation and at the same time an alert, clear mind. Reiki is able to help promote healing and rejuvenation in all areas of our lives. Some people get immediate results in specific areas of concern. Other people experience more subtle shifts that build with repeated sessions. How you respond may be influenced by how long the body has been stressed and out of balance, as well as any mental or emotional attitudes about the situation that you may need to be willing to release.

The good feeling that comes with a session can last for several days to a week or more. Reiki is a support for and not a substitute for good medical assessment and care. Listening to your body and health care practitioners as well as making healthy choices are also important!

I have noticed an interesting healing pattern in myself and others. The first step is being willing to accept, release or forgive something that has happened, without judgement. The next step is allowing this loving energy to deeply heal and support you – a time to relax and receive. Finally, once healing has been embodied on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels, major life shifts can happen. In some ways this mirrors walking a labyrinth – releasing, receiving and returning. These healing shifts can help you move from feeling like you are just a “survivor” in your life, to having a thriving attitude and lifestyle.

Reiki Classes

Holy Fire III Reiki classes can help you further empower your journey to improving your health, calming your mind and enhancing your daily life. This healing energy can also be used with your family and friends to assist them with their life challenges. You also have the gift of having “energetic first aid” always with you. And animals love to receive Reiki too!

You can easily learn how to work with Reiki.  I teach Usui Holy Fire® III Reiki classes.  Holy Fire has empowered the traditional Japanese or Usui Reiki system in 2014, 2016 and 2018, further raising the healing frequency of this energy. For me it feels like having “liquid love, light, healing, grace and compassion” flowing through my hands. This Universal or Spirit guided life force energy is always working for the highest good – for you and everyone with whom you work.

Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki classes are divided into three levels:
Reiki I & II (2 day class)
Holy Fire Reiki Master/Teacher (3 day intensive) 
Holy Fire Karuna® Reiki Master (3 day intensive)

These classes are designed for adult learners or mature teens. Generic Continuing Education forms are available on request for health care professionals and others needing credits for licensing. Each state board makes its own decisions on acceptance of these continuing education credits. You are responsible for checking with your state licensing board.

I also offer a 3 day Sekhem/Seichim Reiki Master class yearly (non-ICRT).

Holy Fire® and Karuna Reiki® are the registered service marks of William Lee Rand.

Reiki has been used for the following purposes:

  • to decrease the time it takes to heal from surgery and injuries
  • to diminish the side effects from chemotherapy
  • to help establish a change to desirable habits
  • to function as energetic “first aid”
  • to empower goals & athletic & business performance
  • to calm anxious and upset feelings
  • to generally transform dis-ease into health and well-being for mind, body & spirit

Reiki has been talked about on the Dr Oz show and is offered in over 800 hospitals across the United States.

Dr. Oz and other surgeons have had Reiki practitioners in surgery and have seen a decrease in post operative depression and a shortening of healing time in open heart surgical patients. Here in Sequim, WA, Reiki practitioners offer cancer patients free Reiki sessions through the St Charles Cancer Clinic.

Rose Johnson, RN and I looked at the before and after Reiki session scores of 79 patients on 10 point pain, anxiety and well being scales. After 45 minutes of Reiki scores improved on average by 20 – 30% on all 3 scales! (Reiki News, Spring 2011, pg 36-40).

For studies on the effectiveness of Reiki, please see: http://www.centerforreikiresearch.org.

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