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Enjoy the YouTube and written testimonials about Robin’s Reiki classes and sessions!

Reiki Class Testimonials

I have experienced Robin and her healing gifts as a practitioner, a colleague and a teacher. I have found her to very grounded, compassionate and wise. She holds wonderfully sacred space for classes which allows for flexibility in how the content is presented to adjust to the needs of her students on that day. There is a fluidity and spontaneity that is beautiful and supportive. She is very thorough in her knowledge of Reiki and in various healing arts in general. This gives a depth and breadth of knowledge to her teaching that is unique among Reiki Masters and creates an expanded learning experience. Robin has a wonderful way of making you feel comfortable and at ease with her approachability and humor. Robin brings all of these gifts to the table when she is working with a client. Her sensitivity to energy and her intimate connection to guides, angels and the earth provide for a very powerful healing experience! Her compassion and sense of spirit is evident in every session. She is able to stay very clear and grounded when holding space for another to heal, which is essential to letting the wisdom and power of Reiki (spirit) do the work. Robin is a gem, a bright light and gift to the healing world.

- Maureen


I am a nurse in a hospital setting.  Reiki has been an invaluable tool in helping to provide healing and peace both to myself and the people I care for. I was in Robin’s  Reiki I & II 2 years ago.  Robin is an excellent teacher, very passionate in her commitment  as a healer. She radiates a special “grace.”



When I first heard about Holy Fire Reiki I was very skeptical.  I had been working with Usui and Karuna  Reiki for 9 years and was very happy with it.  I didn’t really understand the “why now”.  I wasn’t ready to learn Holy Fire, but I wanted to experience it. I made an appointment with one of my teachers, a gifted healer, Robin Fuerst.  I have had Reiki sessions with Robin in the past. Remember I was skeptical, which probably means my ego was running in over drive.

There was no denying it, this session was different.  It was gentle, deep, very relaxing amazing and oh so healing.  I could barely wait to finish my session so that I could tell Robin that I wanted to sign up for her next Holy Fire Reiki Master class.  And I did.

The class was amazing. So much sharing, so much vulnerability, the HF meditations went so deep and were so revealing and everyone was so vulnerable in their sharing.  It was the best Reiki Class I have taken.  I had a personal break through and I want to thank Robin and the students for birthing me through it, a real Red Tent moment. I have taught one Holy Fire Reiki class and it was every thing I mentioned about Robin’s class and even more.  This energy is so safe and loving , peoples egos were just left at the door, and maybe never picked it up again.

So what does this all mean, what did I gain?  Personal Power!  I much stronger sense of myself.  The ability to establish boundaries, and not be afraid that person might not like me any more.  It may sound silly but it is ever so empowering.  I also find that I don’t “should” on myself.  If you have been skeptical about the Holy Fire Reiki, let me put your mind at rest.  Better yet, do a HF Reiki session or sign up for a class.  And if you are lucky enough to live in the Bend Oregon area, Robin is an excellent and extremely gifted teacher.


"Reiki Mama"

It was all very good. The atmosphere, tone, space, mood, etc projected by Robin was a very positive “foundation” from which all the rest flowed harmoniously.

The class is a great opportunity to develop your healing potential and helped deepen my connection with Reiki energy.

I am so thrilled that I took Reiki with Robin and am certified in Reiki I & II now! The most immediate benefits are being able to work on myself, but also on my 3 year old daughter!! She usually has a hard time falling asleep at night and wants me to sit in her room until she drifts off. I usually read several stories to calm her and then sit with her for at least half an hour until she falls asleep. With the wonderful gift of Reiki, she actually falls asleep while I am reading her a bedtime story!! She is even sleeping through the night more often now! Thank you Robin for giving people the opportunity to learn Reiki! This is just one of MANY benefits I have experienced in my short practice of Reiki.

Thank you again for the workshop…it was a life changing experience. I am looking forward to coming back for more Reiki training. I have learned all my symbols and have used Reiki on a couple of clients….it’s been great.


- Ali, cancer survivor
I had received Reiki instruction before, but with Robin’s help I feel confident in offering it to my clients now. Robin was the perfect instructor for the skeptical science side of my brain, which sometimes crops up when I am doing energy work. She was able to give me concrete examples of times that she had used reiki and her intuition to improve her clients health. I have also had many experiences with Reiki making a big difference, including a reiki treatment that relieved a migraine when I was camping once! In the class, we practiced sensing and sending the energy in many ways and I feel much more confident from the class!


Robin is a beautiful & passionate teacher and very easy to learn from. The most positive experience was the aura clearing technique and clearing the throat chakra blockage I’d been dealing with for so long.


I just want to let you know how incredible this weekend (ART/ Master) was for me. It has altered my life in a big way and I am so incredibly great full and appreciate you and your wisdom and kindness so much:) Also, my guides and Angels were working on me all night. What an incredible feeling. This morning was the first morning that I have not had a “gut” ache in I don’t know how long. Wow… Thank-you!

Very informative as well as an intuitively guided class. Robin honed in on many things each one of us needed for self healing. This was a very life changing experience for me. Much needed and a huge turning point in my life.

The class was very open and the environment was great. Receiving the attunements was a sacred experience. I am a Sister and have used my hands for ministry for many years but my hands have never been blessed, so when I receive attunements to the Reiki energy it is blessing my hands – making them holy to share healing with others.
Sister Corita

Dear Robin, Thank you and really did enjoy your class, so much in fact that I have convinced my dear friend and business partner to come to your May 31 st class.

Boise, ID

Robin, Thank you again for a wonderful weekend of Reiki. I enjoyed the classes and am thankful to of had you as the teacher.

Nampa, ID

I met Robin Fuerst while we worked together at St. Charles Hospital in Bend. I was impressed with Robin’s intelligence, integrity, sense of fun and commitment to excellence. When a dear friend expressed her intention to learn Reiki I was confidant in recommending Robin’s classes. I knew Robin to be an especially qualified Reiki teacher and she is also an excellent communicator. Not only did my friend take Reiki 1 & 2 from Robin, she also completed the Master Reiki program with Robin. I am happy to have accomplished the very same as my friend about a year later.  IMG_1127 The learning environment Robin creates in her classes is comfortable, warm, supportive and effective. The pace is stimulating but never overwhelming. Her personal attention and genuine consideration ensure that, whatever your learning style, you will leave her classes having learned not just technique, but having experienced the Reiki Energy to the fullest extent you hope for. For this reason I plan to enroll in Robin’s Holy Fire Karuna Master class later this year. She is a gifted teacher. And, Robin Fuerst is a gift that keeps on giving! Her Reiki Share meetings are a wonderful support to my Reiki practice and are a pure pleasure to attend. Thank you, Robin. You are simply the best. Reiki Blessings.


Comments from Class Evaluations

Robin was an excellent teacher, I felt so comfortable – which made the learinging fun!

This class will assist me in every aspect of my life. Beauty, simplicity, love & kindness. I look forward to learning & growing with Reiki.

Opened new avenues for healing. That the teacher is really knowledgeable & empowered with her work. Loved the healing attunement & Reiki sisterhood!

This was a great way to learn Reiki – Robin is a patient and knowledgable teacher and I would definitely take more classes with her!  Thank you for this experience!

Very well organized and supported by Robin. Very experienced & open to all questions and providing answers in a confident manner. Really appreciated Robin’s teaching style and down to earth manner. The course covered a wide variety of topics and had ample time for hands on practice with other participants. Would highly recommend others to join in any of Robin’s classes.


Reiki Session Testimonials

I have had the great fortune of working with Robin as both a healer and a teacher. I began receiving treatments from Robin when recovering from a major surgery. It was a very slow healing process for me and I was becoming discouraged by my progress. However, after the first treatment with Robin, I knew when I got off her table that my healing had begun. I could literally feel the shift in my body and this created an incredible sense of relief in my mind. Robin’s Reiki sessions continue to be powerful and transformational for me, so much so that I decided to study Reiki with her and have recently completed the Reiki Master level of training.

I love Robin’s approach to teaching. She is grounded, approachable, compassionate and offers her incredible knowledge of the Reiki energy and philosophy in a way that you can bring it into your everyday life in whatever way you are seeking to do so. She is a very gifted healer and teacher and I feel very blessed to know her.

Carin Cundey

My Reiki sessions are always positive, informative and loving. Robin is so incredibly gifted…her hands are a conduit to true healing energy. After my sessions I can feel the continued presences of the “work” for days. I am blessed to have found this healer. Thank you Robin!


Just want to tell you how much the Ocean of Holy Love meditation meant to me. I treasure the images and the lasting effects of our time together. I am still feeling clear, refreshed, cleansed, vital and lit from within. Thank you for sharing your gifts with me!  All blessings.


Thank you so much for the healing Robin. I appreciate you so much and your gifts are (literally) out of this world. 😉 Or in this world. Well, I don’t really know… but from God they are indeed. healing releases the damage so it no longer controls lifeI was just on Facebook and saw this picture (attached) and it was like… wow. Yes. 🙂 Reinforcing what I need to do on a daily basis to make the choice to “do whatever is necessary to keep that negativity from coming back.”


Robin’s skills as both a Reiki practitioner and teacher are unparalleled. She skillfully assesses my needs when in a healing session. I have found that her deep Reiki experience, training, and skills have allowed me to take quantum leaps in my own healing when she is partnering with me in this process. I was so impressed with the results I received from her, that I became a student for her Reiki 1 and 2 courses, and I have benefitted greatly from those teachings and applied them to everyday situations. You will find her to be a humble and yet exuberant teacher, sensitive to your needs and always appropriate in her approach to healing.


Hi Robin!

I just wanted to thank you again for helping me in so many ways on Friday!  Words seem inadequate sometimes.  You are such a gifted healer and thank you for sharing those gifts with me.

Take care and God  bless you during this special week and always,


“Reiki has been one of the most effective and essential elements of my own healing journey. I met and began working with Robin after having completed chemotherapy, radiation and multiple failed reconstructive surgeries. Her gentle and compassionate presence and masterful Reiki abilities supported me greatly during my darkest and most challenging hours. Receiving Reiki allows me to be present within my own healing as it gently guides me to view the patterns and energies of my life from an ariel perspective, through which I am better able to make conscious choices that support my over all well-being and happiness. Reiki works on all aspects of my being: soul, spirit, mind, emotion and body. Each session offers immediate benefits (reduced anxiety, stress, pain, spiritual insights and emotional rebalancing to name a few) and long-term benefits overall health, sound sleep, improved digestion, a calm mind, wound healing and post-surgical recovery. I look forward to receiving each session with Robin and the incredible healing of Reiki.”

Jacquie D, Bend Oregon

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