About Dr. Robin

Hi, my name is Dr. Robin Fuerst and I offer many pathways to those seeking health, peace and healing in their lives. This can blossom into focus, strength, clarity, and a new passion for your journey as a spiritual being in this physical body. I will stand by your side during this journey of exploration. You need only bring your willingness to begin, and continue, your healing journey.

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Why do I have Reiki and the Labyrinth at the heart of my healing practice?

I consider the single most important aspect of creating health and healing to be the ability to connect into the expansive energy of Source. These mystical, direct connections to the Light, Love, Grace and Compassion of Source or Spirit have healing properties that meet and interact with each individual in a unique manner, exactly where you are on your journey. This connection is deep and heart centered.

Feel things with your heart

Mandala Postcard by Emilie Sayward Henry

This heart and Source centered connection is the place from which I start to help people heal from injuries – everything from life’s little bumps and bruises to persistent traumas – using Reiki, the Labyrinth, sound and spiritual healing, as well as my background of 30 years of experience in traditional medicine.

As a Senior teacher – one of only 30 Licensed Reiki Master Teachers (LRMT) with the International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT) worldwide – I bring a depth of experience to each class and session I facilitate. Through the ICRT, I teach at the Usui/Holy Fire Reiki I & II, ART/Holy Fire Reiki Master and Karuna Holy Fire Reiki Master levels. More on Holy Fire…

I also have a doctorate in clinical pharmacy and am a life-long member of the Lutheran and now Presbyterian church as well as being a Certified Labyrinth Facilitator, and Ordained Minister in the Temple of Light. So I “speak ” both traditional medical and religious language, as well as alternative healing and spirituality language. I love bridging the gap that can exist between the traditional and the complementary and bringing the best of both worlds to help my clients joyfully transform their health, their energy and their lives.

My Reiki Journey

The Universe sat me on my butt, figuratively and physically, in a skiing accident where I jammed my hip bone under my sacrum in 1991. It is interesting for me to note the word sacrum comes from the Greek root meaning holy or sacred. This event certainly started me on a journey of growth and discovering, beyond my traditional medical and religious or spiritual training and experiences!

After years of chronic pain and “surviving” between chiropractic and massage appointments, Reiki relieves stressa new massage therapist I was seeing for my back and pelvic pain from this accident noted massage gave me temporary relief, and thought something called Reiki could penetrate deeper, producing longer lasting results. She gave me some information to read on Reiki. While I was reading it, my hands started getting warm and pulsing, almost like my heart was beating in my hands.

Intrigued, I took her advice, scheduled 3 Reiki sessions 3 days in a row that week, and was pain free for the first time in years. I was hooked on Reiki! In January 2000 I took the traditional Usui / Tibetan Reiki I and then II training so I could use Reiki on myself whenever I needed it. My intension was to only use Reiki on myself and close family and friends.

“I  wonder how people make it through major life events without Reiki!”

In July 2000, it just seemed natural to take Advanced Reiki Training and Reiki Master Training. I also completed Master Teacher training in Sekhem-Seichim Reiki in August 2000. My focus started to shift to becoming a Reiki Teacher and Practitioner. I became a Karuna Reiki Practitioner and Master in July 2001 and a Reiki Drumming Practitioner in February 2003. I continue to be amazed by the connection to Source, flow of healing energy and incredible shifts in mind, body and spirit that are at the heart of Reiki.   Reiki is incredible.

I was inspired to apply to the ICRT in December of 2006, knowing that it was usually a year or more wait for a spot to open. To my surprise, I was accepted into the ICRT Licensed Reiki Master Teacher program in February 2007 because of an unexpected cancelation, and was fully licensed through the Karuna level in 2012. I am excited to be teaching and practicing Holy Fire Reiki starting in April 2014.  For more information on the ICRT see: www.reiki.org

During this time period of Reiki training and study, life continued to happen. I really wonder how people make it through major life events without Reiki! It has helped me through two car accidents, surgery, divorce, moving to a new community, and many other situations with its strong yet gentle healing energy. Reiki has helped me integrate “ health and peace within …” The holistic approach of healing mind, body & spirit through Reiki is continually transforming my life!

My Journey with the Labyrinth

I was first introduced to the labyrinth at Holden Village at the 1999 Winter Women’s Retreat. The retreat, “Tree of Life”, was led by Rev. Susan Briehl. Her husband, Rev. Martin Wells, created a labyrinth in the snow for us to walk, by creating the paths with snowshoes. It was a cold, crisp, clear, dark night as we made our way to the labyrinth, our boots squeaking with each step we took in the deep snow, flashlights in hand. Purple Chartres 11-circuit labyrinthMartin placed candles in the snow at each turn of the Chartres labyrinth and in the center.

As I walked, I was struck by the metaphors that came up for me. As we approached the labyrinth, it looked like a lighted snow globe with tall, silent trees around it watching. The packed path was solid and if you stepped off it you sank hip deep in snow. As the women who journeyed before me started out of the labyrinth, we would wait to meet at the turns so we could hug and turn around there, as the path was a single person width and the turns a bit wider. By the time I reached the center, I was feeling peaceful, centered and tired (I had a cold and my coughing was triggered by the crisp air). I hopped over the two foot deep lines to make a quicker exit from the labyrinth. Even so, without walking out the entire labyrinth, it was a life changing experience.

By February 2000 I was chairperson of the labyrinth committee at Trinity Lutheran Church in Pullman, WA. We embarked on a dream of having a permanent outdoor labyrinth next to the church. Trinity Community Labyrinth is 80 feet across in size and is currently spray painted on a dark gravel surface.  

In August of 2002 I went to Grace Cathedral in San Francisco for labyrinth retreat and facilitator training – more transformation. I completed the program to become a certified labyrinth facilitator in March 2003 through the Rev. Dr. Lauren Artress and Veriditas. Part of my love of the labyrinth is kindled by the direct connection to spirit I experience while walking. As I started my labyrinth journey, it was the only way to quiet my “monkey mind” and settle into a meditative state. If I tried to sit and meditate during this time, my body assumed it was time to sleep.

I find the labyrinth is also a very flexible spiritual tool and symbol, it seems to graciously meet and invite people to take their next step on their journey as a spiritual being in this human body. Robin's 7 circuit focus labyrinthI purchased my own portable labyrinth for Healing Journey Options shortly after arriving in Bend, Oregon. There are many different labyrinth designs. My portable green on white labyrinth combines two designs and is called the Focus-7. This labyrinth has the 7 circuits of the classical design as well as several of the labyrs from the Chartres design that produce the 180 degree turns plus has 3 focus circles within the labyrinth. This gives the Focus-7 labyrinth a wonderful flexibility for workshops and a smaller size that the Chartres (26 ft versus 36 ft in diameter).  Please see my labyrinth page… 

My Other Healing Journeys

Minister of Light
With my shift in focus to practicing and teaching Reiki, I started a professional clairvoyant consultant and ministry program to enhance my skills. This year long program was one of intense personal and spiritual growth for me, as well as expanding my complementary healing skills and cross cultural spirituality experiences. I became a minister in the Temple of Light in June 2002.Reiki energy focuses on relaxing and restoring flow & balance.

Medicine for the Earth, Matrix Energetics, Yoga teacher…
I also completed a Medicine for the Earth workshop through a friend who was studying shamanism with Sandra Ingerman in 2004; Introduction to Health Intuition Intensive with Karen Grace Kassy in February 2005; and Matrix Energetics Level 1 & 2 certification seminar in May 2008. Most recently, I completed a 200 hour Yoga teacher training intensive July 2012. I especially enjoy Yin yoga.


Currently I live in Bend, OR and am the sole proprietor of Healing Journey Options. I serve as a mentor for the Reiki Prayer team at First Presbyterian Church and am a member of the labyrinth team. I also am a substitute Reiki volunteer as my schedule permits at the Oncology Clinic at St Charles Healthcare System and First Presbyterian Church. I go out to 3 Sisters Equine Rescue and work on horses periodically as well.

I enjoy hiking, biking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, singing, drumming, reading, gardening and spending time with friends & family. Bend is a beautiful setting to learn Reiki and enjoy the gifts of nature!

My Philosophy

Life is an incredible journey in which we are continually challenged to learn and grow through the many experiences we have, helping those around us do the same. Through this process we change, heal and transform in the direction of becoming more loving, compassionate, kind, and understanding, so we can be a healing presence in this world. I enjoy combining my variety of skills to be of service to humanity and the planet in this sacred journey of life! For more information on my training and experience please see “skills.”

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