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Geography of Grace

by May 12, 2016Blog0 comments

Geography of Grace 
The Geography of Grace is used to explore the depths of your soul in the Circle of Trust program I participated in at First Presbyterian Church in Bend.  By using a favorite place in nature, the metaphor of its geography, and open, honest questions – you dive deeper into your soul through experiencing this sacred place and examine where/how you find nurturing in this place.
For this experience we each chose a picture that we were attracted to and then were instructed to reflect on what this place in nature said about the geography of our soul.  The picture that I picked was of a huge Redwood tree, taken from the angle of looking up at it.  It also had a brilliant sun beaming down through the branches.
The tree is symbolic of my soul – roots deep in Mother Gaia and branches reaching up to the Divine Source of love, light, compassion and grace.  In Reiki classes or shares I often start out with this visual and invite each person to imagine themselves as a bridge of light. This energy of the sun/Source/God guides and nurtures me in this labyrinthine journey through life.  Inviting me to open and trust the process of embodying my soul at ever deeper levels in my daily life.  It encourages me to use my gifts in the service of healing.
When it came time to share my journaling, I was surprised by the tears and soul insight that came up, a gratitude for the deep roots of my tree that have served to ground and center me in the many transitions I have experienced since moving to Bend.
I am deeply grateful for my vocation of heart centered healing through journeying with others in love, light and laughter.  Health and peace start within!
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