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STRESS – Ways to Release

Stress seems to be everywhere in our modern world! Not enough time, too busy, “should” do this or that, work demands, family issues, no time for self care, illness, isolation…

It is so easy to fall into the habit of negative self talk – which further impacts our ability to live a healthy life.  Negativity directly affects our bodies – decreasing the ability of our immune system to keep us well.  Negative thoughts can actually “get stuck” in our energy system – in the auras around our bodies &/or within our physical body.  Reiki and other techniques that work with our energy system can loosen and remove this “negative blocks” to promote free flow of energy or Ki, which in turn promotes health!
The cells in your body react to everything that your mind says. Negativity brings down your immune system.
Change is another stress in our lives. New things to learn, old beliefs to wrestle with, habits to shift in a positive direction, or even a job or health related change can disrupt our “safe” routines.

Since stress is part of our daily lives, it makes sense to learn how to deal with in in more positive ways.  Reiki can be used to help re-balance our “fight or flight” and “rest and digest” parts of our central nervous system. These are linked into our limbic system which protects us by remember negative events so we don’t repeat them. Reiki can also ease the anxiety that accompanies stress and change.

Walking the labyrinth is also associated with decreases in anxiety, heart rate and blood pressure!

I go into more details about stress, the many ways it negatively impacts our wellbeing and ways to use Reiki in a two part article in the Reiki News Magazine’s Spring and Summer 2015 entitled “Understanding the Effects of Stress and How Reiki Can Help.”
Both articles are posted on Healing Journey Options/links page or you can connect here:
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Blessings for your healing journey,

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