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Health and peace start within

Are you looking for healing on deeper levels?

Do you feel like you have tried everything and you are just
not getting the support you need from other types of care?

I am an intuitive energectic healer, teacher and health professional.
I would love to partner with you in enhancing your heart
connection with your vitality, your calling and your higher self.


Reiki is a Universal or God-consciousness healing energy that releases blocks & stresses in your life. This enhances & balances energy flow in your body. Natural healing takes place from this relaxed, clear state.


Receive an intuitive Reiki session created just for your needs. Holy Fire Reiki is powerful and gently leads to positive changes. This helps you shift toward health, peace and feeling like your joyful, energized self again.


Holy Fire III Reiki classes give you the ability to practice Reiki on yourself and others. They are designed with hands on experiences to support your learning. Personal healing is a vital part of each class.


Expand your transformation with Reiki in your life, healing practice, or small business. Reiki clients and students can gain “The Reiki Energetic Edge” by signing up for session packages or mentoring groups.

Free Stress Relief Meditation

Health and peace start within, decreasing stress in your life. The American Medical Association states 80% of illness is caused by stress! Here is a free guided meditation to relax, reconnect and energize you.

Welcome to
Healing Journey Options

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Robin Fuerst
Senior Licensed Reiki Master Teacher, International Center for Reiki Training

Are you looking for something more in your life?

I have been there too – exhausted, anxious and in pain. Doing my best to renew the energetic and heart connection with my vitality, my calling and with the people around me. Together we can transform your life from feeling scattered to rediscovering a positive healing energetic connection with your deepest self through The Reiki Energetic Edge (TREE)™.

Reiki has transformed my life. Healing Journey Options blends both traditional healing methods with ancient energy techniques like Reiki to help establish “health and peace within…”

This blend helps you and I to create a powerful healing container that supports you on your journey to wholeness.

Wholeness is healing mind, body and spirit. It isn’t about fixing a problem, placing a bandaid, or moving on past a difficult circumstance. It is about developing new tools for thriving in your life, achieving release and healing, and re-connecting with your innate life force energy and the energy of Source.

Our Clients Share Their Experiences

Marilynn, RN

Marilynn, RN

I am a nurse in a hospital setting.  Reiki has been an invaluable tool in helping to provide healing and peace both to myself and the people I care for. I was in Robin’s  Reiki I & II 2 years ago.  Robin is an excellent teacher, very passionate in her commitment...

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Maureen, RD

Maureen, RD

I have experienced Robin and her healing gifts as a practitioner, a colleague and a teacher. I have found her to very grounded, compassionate and wise. She holds wonderfully sacred space for classes which allows for flexibility in how the content is presented to...

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Jacquie D, Bend Oregon

Jacquie D, Bend Oregon

Reiki has been one of the most effective and essential elements of my own healing journey. I met and began working with Robin after having completed chemotherapy, radiation and multiple failed reconstructive surgeries. Her gentle and compassionate presence...

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