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Deepen Your Reiki Healing Journey

I invite you to take the next step on your healing journey through client Reiki session packages and student Reiki mentoring groups!

Reiki has supported me and given me an incredible “energetic edge.”  The Reiki Energetic Edge™ or TREE™ is the name and acronym I like to use.  TREE™ has empowered me in many challenging life situations – accidents, divorce, illnesses, moves, starting a new business and more. This energetic edge helped me respond with resilience. This resilience means growing through all the experiences I have in my life.

There is a distinct pattern I have noticed in myself, clients and students – RELEASE – HEAL – THRIVE.  Most of this growth has occurred through releasing old wounds or stories, healing deeply by shifting beliefs that no longer are of service in your life, and finally moving to a state of thriving. You have empowering TREE™ options – including a choice of healing Reiki session packages and/or learning or mentoring opportunities after you have taken Reiki classes.

The Reiki Energetic Edge



Reiki Session Packages

I encourage you to commit to a Reiki session package to deepen your Reiki healing journey. A series of sessions can:

  • focus on shifting deeper patterns in your life for the better,
  • delve into your family or ancestral issues that show up generation after generation,
  • optimize energy flow to shift your performance,
  • heal issues “stuck in your tissues,”
  • dissolve “old wounds” through being ready and willing to let go,
  • forgive to claim back your energy,
  • and more…

Ready to Commit – 3 session package     $230

Diving Deeper – 6 session package     $450

Deepen Your Practice

Empower your Reiki practice through partnership with Healing Journey mentoring to expand your knowledge, comfort level and ability to work with this energy.  Please contact me if you are interested!

I envision having 3-6 people in a group who commit to a 3 – 6 month time period of meeting. Depending on the interest and where people are located, this may be done with Zoom or other online technology.

Contact Robin for more information.

Reiki II practitioners:

  • go deeper into the Gokai or Reiki Ideals
  • explore the Reiki II symbols
  • expanding the use of Reiki beyond self Reiki and giving sessions
  • practice giving and receiving
  • questions as they arise around business topics, giving sessions and challenges that may arise

Reiki Masters:

  • explore the Reiki Master symbols
  • conversations around being called to be a Reiki master
  • additional creative techniques and uses of Reiki
  • questions as they arise around business topics, giving sessions and challenges that may arise
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