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Reiki & Chakra Workshop

Expand your Reiki practice by learning about the Chakra system. In this workshop we will be exploring the 7 chakras in a weekend format – Saturday from 930am to 530pm and Sunday 1pm to 530pm. This workshop is designed for the Reiki II practitioner or Reiki Master. You will learn more about chakraschakra picture than there is time to cover in Reiki classes.

The popular 7 chakra system is derived from a manuscript dated 1577 A.D., derived from an earlier work dating to the 1200s, and popularized in the West during the 1920s. I suggest, Wheels of Life: A User’s Guide to the Chakra System by Anodea Judith, as a great reference to guide and support you in our study of the chakras.

We will be learning and using a variety of experiential techniques to open, clear and balance the chakras. We will also be exploring Reiki, sound, movement, mandalas and meditation for your personal healing. Floracopeia essential oils will help expand your learning to your senses as well. I enjoy knowing more about the chakras to deepen my Reiki and energy medicine practice.

This workshop runs from 930am-530pm on Saturday and
1-530pm on Sunday.

Prerequisite: To qualify to take this class a student must have taken the Reiki II level and be familiar with the 3 Reiki II symbols.

This is not an ICRT related class and no continuing education credits are available through the ICRT.

Chakra bracelets will be available for purchase during class in addition to Floracopeia essential oils.

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