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When I first heard about Holy Fire Reiki I was very skeptical. I had been working with Usui and Karuna Reiki for 9 years and was very happy with it. I didn’t really understand the “why now”. I wasn’t ready to learn Holy Fire, but I wanted to experience it. I made an appointment with one of my teachers, a gifted healer, Robin Fuerst. I have had Reiki sessions with Robin in the past. Remember I was skeptical, which probably means my ego was running in over drive.

There was no denying it, this session was different. It was gentle, deep, very relaxing amazing and oh so healing. I could barely wait to finish my session so that I could tell Robin that I wanted to sign up for her next Holy Fire Reiki Master class. And I did.

The class was amazing. So much sharing, so much vulnerability, the HF meditations went so deep and were so revealing and everyone was so vulnerable in their sharing. It was the best Reiki Class I have taken. I had a personal break through and I want to thank Robin and the students for birthing me through it, a real Red Tent moment. I have taught one Holy Fire Reiki class and it was every thing I mentioned about Robin’s class and even more. This energy is so safe and loving , peoples egos were just left at the door, and maybe never picked it up again.

So what does this all mean, what did I gain? Personal Power! I much stronger sense of myself. The ability to establish boundaries, and not be afraid that person might not like me any more. It may sound silly but it is ever so empowering. I also find that I don’t “should” on myself. If you have been skeptical about the Holy Fire Reiki, let me put your mind at rest. Better yet, do a HF Reiki session or sign up for a class. And if you are lucky enough to live in the Bend Oregon area, Robin Fuerst is an excellent and extremely gifted teacher.

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