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I just finished an online course with Jean Houston: “Unlocking Your Quantum Powers.” Jean is a dynamic woman in her 70’s who has been teaching mystery schools and other courses focused on expanding the potential of each of us as “universal or cosmic” humans.

The first week focused on “inner hygiene” – the importance of where we focus our energy and what we tell ourselves about our history and life experiences. Cleaning up or healing our old stories and letting them go is very important. This frees up energy to step forward into new opportunities and can transform our lives.

Being a Reiki practitioner was a distinct advantage! I have always referred to the distance symbol as the quantum physics symbol. HSZSN allows us to connect – it collapses time & space with grace and ease.

It allows us to go back to any event in our past to work on inner hygiene by examining our interpretation of what happened – our hopes, beliefs and prejudices – and clean out old toxic thoughts. “I’m not good enough, this has always been this way, no one loves or understands me…”

The distance symbol, in addition to helping us heal and release, allows us to visualize a future time line to place energy into creating a new reality and life. As a quantum being, we are challenged to give up the notions of obstacles and embrace new opportunities. We are co-creators with the Universe, Cosmos or the Divine.

Practice being the love, light and grace we have the honor of working with so that you embody the light!

Reiki Blessings for your healing journey,

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