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The next week in Jean Houston’s online course focused on “The Quantum Time” – focusing on creative ways to use time & space, as well as tapping into the past, present & future.  For Reiki practitioners this may bring to mind the unique healing frequency of the distance symbol.
Each of us occasionally finds ourselves “short of time.”  By shifting into quantum time, we can get into “the Zone” and accomplish things more quickly and efficiently with focus. Time seems to almost “stand still,” allowing us to finish a project with grace & ease.
The distance symbol, is wonderful at helping us to connect and send healing energy & prayers to those in need at a distance.
In addition, it allows us to visualize a future time line to place energy into creating a new reality and life or connect to a future self and bring those qualities back to our current self to help our transformation.
The distance symbol also enables us to connect to a past traumatic event and heal it, which according to quantum physics changes our time line or even those of our ancestors.
As a quantum being, we are challenged to give up the notions of obstacles and called to embrace new opportunities. We are co-creators with the Universe, Cosmos or the Divine.
Practice being the love, light and grace we have the honor of working with so daily we can each embody more light!
Reiki Blessings for your healing journey,
Dr. Robin
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